July 19th to 22nd at Amy’s farm in beautiful western Maryland — Friendsville, MD!

ramping up the force-field of transmission

Saniel Bonder helped birth the idea of the Sacred Summer Celebration, and believes a gathering like this, on a piece of property owned by a practitioner, will create a qualitatively different feeling of embodiment for all of us.

Saniel said, “The future of the work depends on our having such places, whether they are privately owned or owned by one or other of the organizations, or in partnership among practitioners. It’s going to blow our minds with the force-field of transmission that will be established. I’m matter-of-fact confident about that.”

So, come and be a part of an ongoing epic community event!

connecting with nature and blessing the Earth

The four-day event will be an a la carte, semi-structured event intended to include teaching. We will kick off the event on Thursday morning.

Trillium Awakening (formerly Waking Down®) teachers and mentors and special guests will be joining us to lead activities as well as offer private sessions.

fun, celebration, community, and the sacred

Primarily, though, we will spend time gazing and sharing and revving up the engine of transmission, having discussions, enjoying the countryside and physical activity, and just plain hanging out and celebrating summer together. In the evenings there are some planned activities and there’s also room for practicing mutuality.

This gathering is the largest community event we have.  The experience of everyone being in one place at the same time for multiple days is amazing.

farm to table mutualityfarm_mutuality

Come to the farm and join others from the community at the table of mutuality.  Partake in as much or as little as you desire.

reasonably priced

Daily Event Fee:  $120/$95 early registration (includes meals)

Since it takes quite a commitment to get to Amy’s farm (2 hours from the Pittsburgh airport and 3 hours from Washington Dulles airport) and the focus is on being together in community, we’re keeping the costs down for you.

The daily fee includes continental breakfast items and healthy, catered food for lunch and dinner with vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free options. (No food served on Wednesday July 18th, however.) The fee also includes all small groups, large groups, discussions, sittings, and activities. Teacher led sittings are included in the entry fee.  It is strongly recommended that you attend one sitting for each small group you attend.  You are welcome to camp outdoors for no additional cost, or stay in a hotel, B&B, or rental house nearby.

Early Registration Deadline, July 7th

Final Registration Deadline, July 7th


Questions? Please contact Amy at registrar@sacred-celebration.com or (301) 746-5405


This event is a privately sponsored event held on personal property in western Maryland.  This is a private event and it is not sponsored by the TATC or any other group of TATC teacher-members.