teachers and mentors

We’re so excited to have the following Trillium Awakening (formerly Waking Down®) teachers and mentors and special guests joining us for the Sacred Summer Celebration!  Have a look at what they’ll be offering during this special event.  If you’re interested in setting up private sessions, please contact the teacher(s) directly (preferably before the event starts).

SSC Teachers 2018


Allan Morelock, TA teacher

Allan’s presence and tender holding leaves us feeling soothed and nurtured.  He’s been described by practitioners as a “poem in motion” and a “mountain stream where you can find deep nourishment for your soul” as well as a “modern day mystic” by  Saniel Bonder. For his day job, Allan owns a tree and lawn service and landscaping business and is known as “the tree guy” and even “the tree whisperer.” He’s got a deep and sacred connection with Mother Earth, especially trees.

Offerings:  Sitting, tree talks, meditations, private sessions

Talent to share:  Poetry reading

Private session fees:  $50/hr

Contact information:  allan@embodiedheartawakening.com; 732-249-8796

Website:  http://www.trilliumawakening.org/profile/allanmorelock/


Ardith Dean, TA teacher

Waking Down In Mutuality came to me at a very painful, stressful, fearful time in my life.  There had been other times before that had been fearful but this time WDM appeared.  I will admit I had been spiritually searching for a very long time.  I watched a friend (also a spiritual seeker) be transformed before my eyes and I needed to know.  I needed to know what had transformed him and once I got started with WDM, well, it just kept happening until I was transformed too.

The Path was not without Pain, lot’s of it, but I just kept going deeper into those broken zones until they could not grab me with any force anymore.  Now I am current, my body speaks its truth, and I listen, and through mutuality I can stay current.  So dear Waking Down practitioners, my intention is to welcome you with an open heart and to be there as you connect deeply to yourself, your Humanness, and your Divineness.

“Ardith is one of the deepest hearts I know.  She is the Mother who loves without condition and the child who feels without defense.  Ardith is the love that transcends darkness and light and the connection between our hearts and the heart of all Being.  I hope you have the opportunity to experience her love.” —Ted Strauss, former Senior Waking Down Teacher

“Having known Ardith for many years, I am incredibly privileged to witness how profoundly she has unfolded into a Being established in her humanness and divinity.  She holds both solidly and lightly, with joy, strength and presence.  Her boundless compassion will hold your joys and sorrows completely and with grace, her intuition will bring you to hidden places you never knew existed, and her guidance is grace itself.  Ardith is a rare gem, of extraordinary brilliance.  I bask in her light and transmission.” —Amrita Kush, Artist and Waking Down practitioner

Offerings: Sittings, private sessions

Private session fees:  $60/hr, sliding scale

Contact information: ardithdean@gmail.com

Website: http://www.trilliumawakening.org/profile/ardithdean/


Gena Netten, TA teacher

My awakening began at the age of 15, when I had a mystical experience that took me directly into the Heart of “God”. I knew myself to be that One in my body and whole being, although it was not something I could understand with the rational mind. I spent the next 30 years trying to reconcile this knowing, longing to find my way home, which finally happened when I walked into my first Waking Down event.

As a teacher, I am committed to meeting you as that Heart, welcoming you to relax into your unique facet of the Mystery and helping you tap into your own resonant wisdom that is guiding your unique trajectory. I will attune to you and help you connect with yourself and the holographic spectrum of Being-ness.

I can think of no greater thrill than to sit by your side, encouraging and empowering you to unfold in all your glory, wherever you are on your awakening path.

I am also a practitioner of Somatic Experiencing, a natural approach to using embodied awareness to heal the effects of difficult and traumatic events, and incorporate this modality into my teaching where appropriate.

Offerings: Sittings, workshops, private sessions (Trillium Awakening; Somatic Experiencing)

Private session fees:  $60/hr

Contact information: gena@genanetten.com; 609-731-9130

Website:  http://www.trilliumawakening.org/profile/gena/


Bill Miller, TA teacher

bill_millerHello and thanks for considering this Path which has allowed me to see, feel and appreciate open hearted existence beyond all seeking, which I had sought in earnest over 25 years studying Zen Buddhism, Integral Philosophy and other mindfulness based teachings.

The relief and joy have been miraculous while also mysterious and unknown. My encounters with teachers, mentors and students at sittings, workshops and retreats have consistently shown profound and heart-centered, conscious embodiment. Therefore my own heart-centered understanding has continued to effortlessly emerge.

Another miraculous gift inherent in this work is awakened relationship. The opportunities for discovery and growth are endless because Relationship is always emerging anew among those whose hearts resonate simultaneously as one and each themselves.

Once we stop resisting being here, we see and feel ourselves and all existence in a whole new way and are free to create via an open hearted relationship to life.

It would be my pleasure and honor to support you in your own unfolding journey.

Offerings: Sittings, private sessions

Private session fees:  $50/hr

Contact information:  wmiller@heart-awakening.org; (917) 838-6290

Website:  http://www.trilliumawakening.org/profile/billmiller/ ; www.heart-awakening.org


Amy Conger, TA interning teacher, event hostess and organizer

Website: http://www.trilliumawakening.org/profile/amyconger/


Special Guests

Dan Will, former TA teacher

Salutations My Friends,

I bring to the awakening process a down to earth sensibility; no gimmicks, just an open hearted embrace.  We gather in Friendsville each year to celebrate this cutting edge evolutionary work, extraordinary community and deep mutuality.

I bring to the party a fierce reverence for the mystery of the individual awakening and unfolding discovery of the Conscious Principle.

I invite you to attend and partake of the rich diverse and profound transmission unique to each and every sentient being. Bask in the grace of your awakened Self. Reward yourself with four days of Awakened Mutuality, Embodied Consciousness, Transcendent grace, and great food.

Grasp the means of your own Awakening surrounded by a beautiful pastoral environment, loving adepts, and open hearted communications. The white water is abundant; the love is flowing and the transmission penetrating.

I have been involved in this glorious transformational work for over seventeen years and each and every event presents new and wondrous openings for reflection and investigation. I bring awakening into every aspect of my life be it meditation or working my day job. I invite you to ramp up and tank up on transmission and Embodied Awakening.

Offerings:  Private sessions, sittings, Monthly Sittings in Washington D.C., Baltimore, and Philadelphia

Private session fees:  $75-$55 per hour

Contact information:  dwchair79@yahoo.com;  703-200-0078


Saniel Bonder, founder of Waking Down® and co-founder of Human Sun Institute

After awakening into a grounded Self-realization in late 1992 and discovering a living spiritual transmission flowing from his Heart and whole being, Saniel found it necessary and inevitable to chart a new, mutual, in some ways revolutionary course. Ever since, he has pioneered and championed the democratizing of non-dual, embodied, “divinely human” Heart-awakeness and collaborative emergence. Originally best known as Waking Down, or Waking Down in Mutuality, this approach to embodied and relational spirituality truly takes as many forms as there are practitioners. It has so far diverged into two primary schools, Trillium Awakening and Saniel’s and his wife and teaching partner Linda Groves-Bonder’s Human Sun Institute.

Saniel helped birth the idea of the Sacred Summer Celebration. He believes a gathering like this, on a piece of property owned by one or more practitioners, can help liberate those who participate into unprecedented, sublime yet starkly grounded sensitivity and expression — an ever greater union of Heaven and Earth in, through, and as us, each and all.

Saniel will be leading Heart-meditations each day.

Offerings: Meditation, private consultations

Contact information: saniel@sanielandlinda.com; 877-783-3873

Website: sanielandlinda.com