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Registration Form 2018:


Email address:

Mailing address:

Phone number:

Which days will you be attending?
__ Thursday, July 19th$120/early $95
__ Friday, July 20th$120/early $95
__ Saturday, July 21st – $120/early $95
__ Sunday, July 22nd – $120/early $95

Do you have any dietary preferences/restrictions (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy free, etc.)?

Are you planning on camping?

Are there any children accompanying you?  If so, please include their names and ages.

Participant lead activities – optional (please explain if interested):

  • Do you have expertise in bodywork that you would like to share (i.e. massage, energy healing, etc.)?
  • Are you an experienced teacher in facilitated movement (i.e. yoga, dance, etc.) and would like to lead a group session?
  • Would you like to lead a group discussion/demonstration and what is the topic (Human Design, Integral, Somatic Experience, etc. and how the topic relates to Trillium Awakening/Waking Down®)?

How long have you been involved in Trillium Awakening/Waking Down® or similar spiritual groups?

Have you attended a Trillium Awakening/Waking Down® retreat or other spiritual intensive in the past?  If so, when and where?

At this time, do you have a teacher with whom you do private sessions?  If so, who?

Are you in an ongoing Trillium Awakening/Waking Down® group?  Is it peer led or does your group meet with a teacher?

Do you have any health problems which would be helpful for us to be aware of?

Do you take medications regularly? If so, what type?

Are you currently in therapy? If so, please state the nature and type of therapy.

Is there anything else that is fundamental to your well-being that we should know?

In case of emergency, who should we contact?

  • their name:
  • their phone number:
  • their relationship to you: